Selenite Knife 15 Cms

stone for clarity and guidance, selenite provides support to ‘clear your mind’, sharpen your awareness and allow you to see the truth by connecting you to a higher consciousness. Selenite brings strength in decision-making and heightens self-awareness. The gentle healing qualities of selenite can be used to provide protection from negative energy to create a safe and quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite cleanses crystals renewing their energy.

  • The Selenite Knife is a wonderful tool for energy cleansing, and channeling energy.
  • Selenite Knives can be used to release energetic ties that no longer serve us through a practice called “cord cutting.”
  • It can also be used for building energy or setting power circles.
  • Used to cut negative attachments, cords, entities, and miasma, false matrix webbings, negative mediums, and curses, as well as other harmful energies from your body by gliding the blade between your aura ( 2 inches from your body ) and the outside environment. Cleanse afterward with sage for the most powerful results.