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 Kevin Rain

shamanic healing session including; spirit communication and guidance, past life release, channelling and channelled healing, chakra alignment, crystal healing, soul retrieval, sound healing and more, this healing session is designed to clear old energy and prepare your being for the growth to come. A fantastic healing to get your mind sorted, allowing you to stand in your power, where you belong. Start your road to healing and change your life today with this 1 1/2 hour session facilitated by Kevin “the rain man”,  Kevin is attuned in energy healing by spirit, guided by them his energy adjusts to the individuals needs, enjoy the therapeutic effects of his healing.


Cherie Frances


Are you stuck and need some advice or guidance
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My name is Cherie Frances aka Roquelle.
My readings are based on psychic mediumship but I have quite a list of specialties I draw on in a reading.
One of my keen interests is facilitating others in discovering their innate ability to be psychic and perform mediumship. This is a passion of mine because I’ve seen the healing and empowerment that can take place when someone is able to connect with their Spirit Guides, Angels, other beings like Ascended Masters, Collectives (usually through a form of channeling) and loved ones in Spirit.

I am so happy Lily and Kev have welcomed me back – we all feel the Universe has had a hand in this reunion since the Melbourne lockdowns. Prior to lockdowns I was quite a regular on the scene, ducking into the back “root chakra” room (love the red theme) with clients to do some amazing work.
Since I first met Lily and Kev at a market they hosted at Shamanic Rain that I was reading at, I have often remarked about how the concrete walls and strong energy within makes reading like nothing I can find anywhere else.
We also have an alignment of Healing values and ideals, such as client empowerment, freedom of expression in how we allow Spirit to work through us as individuals and using discernment in accepting we alone are not always the right port of call for someone on their healing journey. 

Since Covid restrictions began two long years ago, I am now a fully qualified counsellor and am offering Holistic and Spiritual counselling as well as readings and other services.
Since then also, I have become active in the field of parapsychological research and support and have given talks on my perspective as a medium. “Gateways of Healing” now encapsulates the services I offer as a psychic medium.

Clairvoyance is my strongest method of receiving psychic information, however I receive information via all the Clairsenses and in a reading I may be assessing someone’s energy, seeing spirits around them in the room or clairvoyantly, seeing and describing living people and connections, past lives and any other way I am called to connect with energy– as a way of being a messenger for Spirit. The very first way I actively connected with Spirit was by writing channelled information that I was receiving via claircognizance and clairaudience which was focusing on Ascension information. I have a preference of working with Main Guides and the Angelic Realm and have strong Starseed connections and lineages.

If you would like a booking, currently I am available by appointment only however there may be days where I may be available for walk-in readings! 

See you at Shamanic Rain!

Cherie Frances (B.Couns) 

“Roquelle” Psychic Medium

Gateways of Healing – 0422 468 594