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 Kevin Rain

shamanic healing session including; spirit communication and guidance, past life release, channelling and channelled healing, chakra alignment, crystal healing, soul retrieval, sound healing and more, this healing session is designed to clear old energy and prepare your being for the growth to come. A fantastic healing to get your mind sorted, allowing you to stand in your power, where you belong. Start your road to healing and change your life today with this 1 1/2 hour session facilitated by Kevin “the rain man”,  Kevin is attuned in energy healing by spirit, guided by them his energy adjusts to the individuals needs, enjoy the therapeutic effects of his healing.

Lily Rain

Come and heal your soul through the power of vibration and sound, in this 1 hour healing you will have your energy cleared, blockages removed, massive shifts of energy, and your energy aligned.  Allow this experience to move though you with love and change. Transform your life today and release blocks and issues. Allow your path to be rich and full of love respect and blessings. Find who you are and unleash that wonderful you to the world, no more holding back. Take this time for you and embrace your true self.



Conducting Psychic Healings, which consist of receiving messages from the Spirit and Angel realms through hands on healing to regenerate and cleanse the Chakras, finishing the healing with a card reading.
Conducting Monthly Meditation Circle where sound healing with ancient instruments is used together with a group card reading.