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Sacred Cacao and the Elements Ceremony

Shamanic Wisdom Circle

Through shamanic practices we learn to master ourselves and connect deeply to the natural consciousness of nature. How we live our lives reflects our ability to connect with the worlds beyond our own, through these practices the veil to the spirit world stretches ever thin, allowing us to connect at a deeper level with the spirit of all things. Surrender and let the elements guide your path to self-mastery as you begin your journey into yourself and the worlds beyond the physical.
In this shamanic wisdom circle, we will learn to understand ritual, ourselves and nature as we commit to the practices that allow the shamans connection and understanding.
Join us at the shamanic rain lifestyle centre every second Thursday as we discuss the principles and practices of shamanism, running fortnightly allows the time necessary for you to continue your practices and commitment. Journey with shamans most powerful tool, the medicine drum, connect with and develop understanding of the totem animals that help guide your path through the other worlds and further develop your connection to the spirit world and your guides.
Kevin Rain has studied and practiced shamanism for nearly 20years, now he is very excitably offering cocreation of sacred space with each of you to develop your own shamanic connection.
Where: Shamanic Rain Lifestyle Centre
When: Every second week. Starting Thursday the 12th of May
Time: 6.30pm- 9.30pm
Exchange: $50

PLEASE NOTE: This is a committed class, please only register interest if you are committed to Shamanic practices


Meditation Of Self Discovery
Our daily lives can be stressful at times and we forget about ourselves and our needs. We tend to lose ourselves to our daily routines and forget to take a breath. Meditation has many benefits, it can help with stress and to take a break from our mind overthinking. Practising meditation will reduce stress, it can relax the mind, body and spirit and you will be more intuned with your body's needs. It can help balance emotions, improve sleep, focus and creates harmony within ourselves.

Meditation of Self Discovery is a meditation to not only relax your whole body and mind, but you will become in touch with your spirit on a deeper level. You will learn to open up your 7 chakras and together becoming more intune with you inner self. You will discover all aspects of one's self and learn to accept all of yourself with pure love. You will become more self aware to find self love, being true to you and healing for inner peace.

There will be some psychic development where we can help each other achieve our goals and gain happiness.

Come and enjoy a session every Tuesday at 7pm
Starting on the 12th of April
Duration 1.5 hr to 2hr
Energy exchange $20
Please bring a bottle of water.
For more information and bookings please call Mariann on 0406355732