Classes & Workshops

Please do note some date have been changed.

Medicine Music

Do you want to make music for the soul?
Do you have musical talent? 
Do you write, sing or play music? 
Do you want to collaborate with other magical soul hearted musicians?
Well we have a space for you to create magic!!
Every second Wednesday night we will be gathering together to make soul music.
Starting on Wednesday the 4th August @ 7pm
Are you in???
To book you spot call Lily 0433209788 or the shop on 8746 - 4008


Shamanic Wisdom Circle

Through shamanic practices we learn to master ourselves and connect deeply to the natural consciousness of nature. How we live our lives reflects our ability to connect with the worlds beyond our own, through these practices the veil to the spirit stretches ever thin, allowing us to connect at a deeper level with the spirit of all things. Surrender and let the elements guide your path to self-mastery as you begin your journey into yourself and the worlds beyond the physical.
In this shamanic wisdom circle, we will learn to understand ritual, ourselves and nature as we commit to the practices that allow the shamans connection and understanding.
Join us at the shamanic rain lifestyle centre every second Wednesday as we discuss the principles and practices of shamanism, running fortnightly allows the time necessary for you to continue your practices and commitment. Journey with shamans most powerful tool, the medicine drum, connect with and develop understanding of the totem animals that help guide your path through the other worlds and further develop your connection to the spirit world and your guides.
Kevin Rain has studied and practiced shamanism for nearly 20years, now he is very excitably offering cocreation of sacred space with each of you to develop your own shamanic connection.
Where: Shamanic Rain Lifestyle Centre
When: every second week. Starting Wednesday the 11th of August
Time: 7pm- 9pm
Exchange: $30
Love your Temple
Your body is a temple,  one that doesn't get enough love,  in everyday living we forget to be grateful for the magical bodies we have, the magical minds we have and the magical soul we all have. Our body is allowing us to have this human experience, it holds the soul and allows the experience to happen,  it holds all the energy, it feels every emotion and thought. It's the reason you can read this. When we stop for a moment and speak to our bodies we create a relationship with ourselves that is very powerful,  one that honors every cell and  micro-organism within your being.
In this meditation
 your body will be enveloped with love,  you will talk to your mind body and your cells, become in touch with your body,  You will be intimate with your body, start to transform your body, become friends with your body and your cells. you will be grateful for each part of your body.  you will start to develop a relationship with each body part, you will alter the mind body relationship, start to develop coherence between your heart and mind and body. Clear energy from each part of your being. Allowing your soul to align in harmony. Loving yourself entirely.
Mediation will run for approximately 1.5hrs starting at 7:30pm
Friday 13th of August 
please bring a mat to lay on, a pillow and blanket, a bottle of water.
Can't wait to see you all then.
Please contact Lily 0433209788 to book in.
Limited places, investment is $20 pre-booked or at the door $25
Hope to see you all there
Love to you all
Lily xo

Channeled Sound Journey Through The Chakras 

Channelled sound journey through the chakras
Join us for this channelled journey of transformation, Kevin will guide you through the chakra system cleansing, clearing and realigning each while connecting to their associated element. This will be the journey of life through the experience of your own inner magical plant, experience your internal seed of life activate and grow as you travel deep into yourself. Light language will activate new pathways of energetic opportunity as you allow the sounds of the medicine drum, didgeridoo, shamanic rattle, crystal singing bowl and channelled song to shift your energetic frequency. This is a great opportunity to relax, centre, clear and journey within.
Where: shamanic rain lifestyle
When: Friday the 6th of august
Time: 7pm to 8.30
Booking essential exchange: $20 pre booked or $25 on the door


We will strengthen the connection to our pineal gland and awaken to a new reality of spiritual awareness. Guided by our senses we will interact with the subtle forces of nature as we learn techniques to connect us to the other realms.

Join in and help each other to navigate this amazing evolution of consciousness. The energetic realms of spirit are calling for our connection, it is time to awaken our true gifts.

Weekly get togethers will include; energy work, Intuitive card reading, clairvoyance training, psychic work, connection to guides and much more. 

This is a gathering designed to support each other to grow and connect, we look forward to seeing you there. 

Facilitator: Jecerey Miranda
Text Jecerey for time and date: 0413333552
Energy Exchange: $20