About us

The Shamanic Rain Healing Centre

One must dare to dream, dare to believe and do whatever’s necessary to manifest dreams into reality; this was the path of Lily and Kevin, founders of the Shamanic rain healing centre.

Shamanic rain is a heart centered holistic healing centre, located in Melton, Victoria. Inspired by conscious evolution and the need for both planetary and individual healing, shamanic rain provides many services to assist you on your path of healing, transformation and ascension.

It is the difference’s between us that make us the same, and so, shamanic rain supports all unique individuals on their path to greater things. We pride ourselves on offering support without judgement or discrimination, no matter the gender, sexual preferences or physical appearance. All our practitioners are nurturing, supportive and work from their heart centre, to us, you are not just a client, you are family.

Our service are unique on their own or complimentary to any other healing modalities, including western pharmaceutical medicine. There is no limit on the ways you can heal yourself, we are simply here to support your needs and help remove the limitations you have placed upon yourself.

We offer services to assist you on your path of healing the physical, emotional, energetic and mental aspects of self, an integration of body, mind, soul and heart. We provide services in counselling/ psychology, energy healing, massage, herbal medicine, tarot, flower therapy, hypnosis, theta healing and much more.

Our retail store supplies both health and metaphysical products to support you on your journey, everything from herbal teas and remedies to crystals, books, clothes and much more. We take pride in supporting local artist with sales of their art and offer great service and advice, more importantly, a free hug for whoever wants one.

We offer many workshops and courses to help develop skills, as well as retreats, get togethers, fire nights, market events and much more. We support many things that bring joy, expression, healing, freedom and experience to your journey

We must align our vibration to the truth we wish to live, become the reality we wish to see, there can be peace on earth, we all can be healed, freed from the cages we placed upon our own minds. We must show ourselves we truly want it, now is the time, be the change you wish to see, it all begins within.

Shamanic rain healing is here to support you on your journey, with much love xoxo