Ruby Ring Assorted

Ruby kindles in us an intense desire to live our lives fully alive! It encourages us to be more spontaneous, curious, brave and willing to follow our bliss wherever it may lead. It is an essentially positive and life-affirming stone, and thus has no patience for self-destructive behaviors or victim-mentality. Ruby protects against negative energy and encourages us to either transform or let go of anything that does not make us happy or help us grow. Ruby infuses spiritual energy into our everyday lives, and can show us how to live from a spiritual place without needing to retreat from the wider world. It is incredible talisman for manifestation, teaching us how to transform our thoughts and desires, into physical reality.

Ruby is a passionate stone that attracts love and friendship, and can helps us to build and maintain healthy relationships. It can also help us to explore our feelings and beliefs about ourselves, especially in regards to body image and/or having the right to feel certain emotions or have various desires. For anyone who feels unworthy or guilty for being who they are, Ruby offers reassurance and affirmation. It is especially good for soothing survivor guilt and holds us safely during PTSD episodes. It acts as a light in the darkness, leading us back to joy whenever we have been caught up in negative emotions. It reminds us that life is good and that we are more powerful and capable than we know.

Ruby is recommended for anyone seeking a healthier body and a happier life. It helps us to explore our conscious and unconscious beliefs and understand how they manifest in our daily habits and heath status. Ruby gives us enough courage and self-love to release negative beliefs and change our lifestyle as desired. If we need additional mental health support, Ruby encourages us to seek it out and to trust the process. It is an excellent talisman for any health issue involving the heart or circulatory system, as well as for fertility problems. It is a wonderful and very friendly supporter when we are physically and emotionally exhausted and need to borrow energy from something beyond ourselves.