Ring - Turquoise - Assorted

Turquoise, the fascinating sea-green stone of the classical era, speaks for wisdom, protection, good fortune, tranquility, and hope. Ancient people believed in its intense power to protect, its peaceful energy and connection with enduring love.

It is said to connect heaven and earth and help you connect to the spiritual world. Turquoise can strengthen your connection to intuition, and it is also helpful for protection and purification.

In many Asian countries, including China, turquoise is believed to have the ability to protect its wearer from the evil eye. This is why the stone has been used to adorn protection amulets for centuries, even today. In Tibet, a nation rich in turquoise, the gemstone is associated with divine energy.

Crystal from 

Oval size 9 from Tibet

Oval size 8 from Iran

Oval size 10 from Iran

Oval Size 7 from unknown