Book - Plant Spirit Wisdom - Ross Heaven



Description: Plant Spirit Wisdom expands on the herbal and shamanic healing practices introduced in Plant Spirit Shamanism, the author's most recent (2006) and currently best-selling book on traditional plant medicines and techniques for healing the soul.Whereas his previous book takes a cross-cultural perspective, however, Plant Spirit Wisdom focuses on the Celtic and native (European and American) use of herbs and plants in spiritual healing. At its core is the wisdom and plant folklore stemming from Welsh and Irish practices, paganism, shamanism and herbalism and especially sin eating (a little-known Celtic spiritual practice which works with energy medicine and the spirit - rather than the pharmacology - of herbs and plants).To the sin eater, the soul is a web of energy which connects us to everyone and everything, and this energy can be depleted or lost when we act out of accordance with our spiritual purpose. Plants and spiritual practices are used to re-balance this energy, release old attachments and re-pattern ourselves for a more positive and healthier life. The approach is exactly the same as that used by shamans in, for example, the Amazon, the Andes, Haiti, and among Native American healers, and yet little has been written of it from our own native perspective.