Central Park - Pulse Pint Roller - Purify & Protect - 10ml

Clearing and Cleansing Oil

Our purify and protect oil is clearing and cleansing.  The crystal infused essential oil roll on can be used on pulse points as part of a complete cleansing ritual.  The essential oils are blended with 100% pure fractionated coconut oil and infused with clear quartz crystals to clear and cleanse.

Essential Oils:
Patchouli – eases stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation.
Cedarwood – grounding, emotional balance, promotes relaxing environment, calms the mind
Cardamon – promotes positive mood, calming and soothing properties, mental clarity.

Clear Quartz – master healer, increases clarity of thoughts, brings spiritual peace, cleanses, supports overall wellbeing and provides protection, regains emotional balance

Sealed with a reiki blessing

The warm, woody and spicy scent of essential oils will provide a clearing, cleansing, aura healing and grounding experience.   All natural and vegan, sealed with a reiki blessing and made with love in Melbourne.