Central Park - Pulse Pint Roller - Unconditional Love - 10ml

Love Oil

Our Unconditional Love Oil can be used for infinite peace, self love and acceptance.  The floral sweet earthy scent with Rose, Peru Balsam and Fennel essential oils a well as rose quartz crystals.  Add some unconditional love to your day. The essential oils are blended with 100% pure fractionated coconut oil and infused with rose quartz crystals for a complete healing ritual.

Essential Oils:
Rose – queen of oils, therapeutic properties, sweet floral aroma, rejuvenating, harmonising, soothing, boosts self confidence, relaxing effect
Peru Balsam – healing, soothing, helps with times of stress, warming, calming
Fennel – boost confidence, courage

Rose Quartz – sense of calmness, enhances love, love for self, unconditional love, emotional healing, self acceptance, attracts love, love of beauty, strengthens love and helps with sleep

Sealed with a reiki blessing

Love is the most powerful force on Earth and our unconditional love oil is full of self love with rose quartz crystals and rose essential oil. All natural and vegan, sealed with a reiki blessing and made with love in Melbourne.