Witches And Wizards - Lucy Cavendish

Witches and Wizards

Author: Cavendish, Lucy

Description: Are you ready to be astonished? Witches and Wizards reveals the real-life stories of the most notorious and powerful occult personalities of all time. Within its pages you’ll discover the amazing stories behind the legends: from King Arthur’s Merlin to the infamous Aleister Crowley, right through to the modern icons of Witchcraft. Shining light on the Salem witch trials, the Burning Times, the Magickal Battle of Britain and beyond, Witches and Wizards is a thrilling read for anyone who loves the mysterious, the true and the strange. Written by renowned Witch and author Lucy Cavendish, Witches and Wizards is an unforgettable read brimming with Magick, myth and mystery.


ISBN: 9781925017441

Dimensions: 12.5 and 18.1 cm

Publish Date: 1/02/2016

Page Count: 180