The Tarot Wheel - A fast and easy to use tarot system

The Tarot Wheel, based on Rider Waite principles (the oldest and most common Tarot deck in the world), makes reading the Tarot easy, fun, and effective for all ages. Through a spinning of seven interconnected wheels, this simple format will have you reading Tarot within minutes, without long study or cumbersome research. At the turn of a wheel find information about your past, present, and future, your strengths, influences, obstacles, and the outcomes to your most important questions. Then see how they all connect together to bring your life's path into focus. AUTHOR: Jim Edward Lucier is an expert in the fields of the paranormal and the occult, and has studied the esoteric for over thirty years. He has been channeling divine spirits since the age of 16, and has a special interest in the Tarot, and heads The Lucier Ancient Mystery School.