The Mindful Place Of Calm - A. Paul Miller

The Mindful Place Of Calm
A. Paul Miller

Find Your Way into the Space Between Thoughts and Actions

Learn how to find the gap in your negative emotions and create a place there to successfully practice mindfulness that can be carried effectively into your daily life. This remarkable book helps you change how you react to stressful situations by building a calm mental space to unpack your thoughts and emotions for better awareness and actions for positive change. Once you reach this place of calm, you can transform tension into lasting joy and peace.

The Mindful Place of Calm shows you how to carry the tranquil centeredness achieved in meditation wherever you go and throughout your day, whether it be the line at the supermarket or the anxiety-inducing freeway. With hands-on exercises, easy-to-learn techniques, and examples from his professional practice, author Paul Miller provides inspiration and helps you cultivate deep inner wisdom that will sustain you long after your meditation session has ended.