Book - The Light Worker's Companion - Amanda Guggenheimer

The Light-Worker's Companion supports readers who are awakening to, or are already consciously on, their spiritual pathway. The Companion seeks to be exactly so, a companion and a friend to those who desire a deeper connection with themselves and the Beings of Light guiding them. The Light-Worker's Companion specifically focuses on topics that facilitate a 'higher connection' such as dimensions of consciousness, spiritual assignments, Ascension, and the spiritual family who offer their assistance in the process. The work is a guidebook to the many levels of Ascension and awareness one might experience as an initiate on the spiritual path. It empowers the spiritual seeker by providing channelled information, and then invites the reader to assimilate that knowledge by following the meditations that accompany those messages. The combination of channelled information and practical exercises strengthens in the reader, a sense of deep spiritual connection.