Sage - Smudge Stick - Chakra Flower

White Sage and Rainbow Statice Flower Bundle Smudge Sticks

Approx 10cm/4in + long. 

Experience the power of sage with our White Sage and Rainbow Statice Flower Bundles. Each bundle measures 4 inches and is carefully crafted with responsibly sourced white sage from California, known for its ability to neutralize negative energy and promote wellness. Smudging with sage has been a traditional spiritual practice for centuries, used to cleanse the body and mind of negativity, alleviate anxiety and stress, and improve sleep.

This pack is not just a tool for spiritual practices but also for yoga and meditation. The act of burning sage enhances awareness and focus, making it an ideal companion for mindfulness and transcendental meditation.

Join a sacred tradition with our White Sage and Rainbow Statice Flower Bundle. The use of sage as a traditional medicine plant has been a staple among Native American peoples for healing and ceremony. It is used to purify and cleanse, and to open the heart and mind to a deeper connection with the divine. The aromatic, sharp and stimulating scent of sage works on all the senses, providing a powerful tool for banishing negative energy and promoting positivity on all levels.

To smudge is to purify with smoke especially from White Sage.  The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from native peoples in both North and South America. Gently blow upon the glowing embers to produce smoke.  

Use to purify body, home, office and healing rooms.Sage