Book - Sacred Paths For Modern Men - Dagonet Dewr

Description: Dagonet Dewr galvanizes the men's spirituality movement with this much-needed guide to divine masculinity. This book is not just for Pagans, but for men of all faiths who want to explore and learn from their spiritual roots. With humour and sensitivity, the author introduces twelve male archetypesincluding the Child, the Warrior, the Lover, the Healer, and the Tricksterand the gods who embody them. Stories of deities from pagan lore and mythology spanning several culturesand even characters from The Lord of the Rings and Arthurian literatureoffer a rich framework for understanding the heritage of the sacred male. Rituals and magickal workingsfor individual or group practiceoffer practical ways to connect with these masculine energies and achieve a new understanding of their role in everyday life.