Sacred Ceremonial Cacao - Sacred Earth Medicine - Assorted Sizes



What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao is no ordinary cacao! It is the highest grade, highest vibration, most energy intense cacao on the planet. It is 100% pure, organic whole bean, heirloom criollo nativo cacao (cacao chuncho) from Peru. It is simply the whole bean ground, nothing added, nothing taken away. When the cacao beans are ground, they form into paste, hence the name ‘Cacao paste’. Also known as ‘Cacao Liquor’, the paste is simply poured into molds, which solidify into bricks and are then packaged to create Sacred Earth Medicine’s Ceremonial Cacao.

Ceremonial Cacao is made from a very special bean that makes up less than 5% of the world’s cacao production. This very rare and highly prized criollo bean isthe same bean that the Ancients used in their ceremonies.

Many factors go into the matrix of creating a ceremonial grade of cacao. It’s not just the variety of bean and the genetics of good trees. The terroir, energy of the land, the growing microclimate, the farming techniques and production methods are also essential elements. Then there’s the love factor; the energy, wisdom and intention of the farmers as well as the shared vision and conscious connection of all hands in the supply chain. We uphold these as key ingredients and believe that Sacred Earth Medicine’s Ceremonial Cacao has got the matrix just right! Now we invite you to find out for yourself.

Ritual & Cultural Uses

The criollo bean was highly revered in ancient times. It was used as currency and valued more highly than gold. Criollo cacao was traditionally used by the priests, shamans and spiritual elite in the ancient Mayan, Aztec & Olmec cultures as a spiritual partner. We are told that the shamans of these ancient cultures infused their prized cacao beans with spirit, to give it a dimension not found in other cacao varieties. Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a heart opener, a wisdom keeper, a consciousness facilitator, teacher and creative partner. In modern terms, it is classed as an entheogen. In ancient cultures, cacao was reserved for the royal families and spiritual elite who would use it in ceremony as a gentle multi-dimensional partner to aid travel between the worlds, beyond the veil. Ceremonial grade cacao is now making a comeback as a spiritual facilitator and creative partner because of its accessibility and great taste. Hey, its chocolate after all!


• Sustained energy lasting 4-5 hours

• Ability to hold a strong multidimensional focus

• Heart opening, great for inner work and releasing emotional blockages

• Increases feeling of connection to greater consciousness

• Deepening of spiritual and creative practices such as yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying, writing, dance, music, healing modalities, lucid dreaming, kirtan – just to name a few.

• Antidepressant: the only food to release therapeutic levels of good feeling brain chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and the “love chemical” phenylethylamine.

• Vasodilation, increasing blood flow to the brain, body and digestive system by up to 40%

• Liver detoxifier

• Increases libido

• Satiates feelings of hunger, can assist with weight loss


• 8 – 10g, Dreaming dose. Perfect for lucid dreaming. Take when waking in the middle of the night.

• 25g, Creative dose: Great for creative work such as writing, dance, music, artwork etc.

• 35g, Yoga dose: For yoga, meditation and greater energy during light exercise.

• 45g, Ceremonial Dose: Perfect for Cacao Ceremonies and meditation.

• 57g, Full Shamanic Dose: Amazing for shamanic journeying & deep meditation.

The above doses are a guide. Ceremonial Cacao can have different effects on you depending on your sensitivity to caffeine / stimulants and your body matrix. We recommend starting with a 20g dose to see how cacao works with your system and increase from there. We also recommend trying Ceremonial Cacao 3 or 4 times before taking a full ceremonial dose.

Preparation Sacred Hot Chocolate:

1. Grind Ceremonial Cacao into powder. This can be done using a grater, shaving the block with a knife or using a food processor.

2. Measure out required dose of cacao. Add a combination of desired spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg or clove.

3. Bring water to the boil and leave to cool for a few minutes. Use around 100ml of water to every 25g of cacao for a thick, strong sacred hot chocolate.

4. Add a few mls of water to the cacao, stirring to form a thick paste. Continue adding small amounts of water, stirring until the cacao forms a thick, but silky-smooth liquid, with no lumps. Add remaining water to reach desired consistency.

5. Add your favourite sweetener such as honey, maple syrup, rapadura, coconut nectar or coconut sugar to taste. You can also add nut, soy or rice milk if you wish, but this is not necessary for a creamy texture. Because Ceremonial Cacao still contains all the cacao butter (it is simply the whole bean ground). It will produce a creamy, delicious hot chocolate with just water.

NOTE: Processed sugars and dairy will drop the vibration of the Sacred Ceremonial Hot Chocolate, so avoid using them.

Other Uses:

Throw into a smoothie, put in raw cakes, make a chocolate mousse,raw chocolates or simply enjoy straight from the block. Ceremonial Cacao has citrus and fruity overtones that negate almost all of the bitterness, so it can be enjoyed on its own.


Ceremonial Cacao is ethically and sustainably sourced from a family run farm located in a powerful valley micro climate nestled between the Andes and the Amazon basin in Peru. This cacao is 100% pure criollo nativo bean (cacao chuncho) bio-dynamically grown on mature trees in the understory rainforest.

The network of family run farms keeps production atsustainable levels whilst ensuring superior quality. With farming and production techniques fine-tuned over generations, Ceremonial Cacao is produced with great love and care to ensure that it maintains all of its medicinal and spiritual properties.


Because of the stimulating and vasodilating effects of Ceremonial Cacao, if you have a heart condition, we recommend seeking medical advice before drinking cacao.

Ceremonial Cacao also contains Trytophan and MAO inhibitors which slow the re-uptake of neurotransmitters into brain synapses. This does increase the length of time that these brain chemicals have an effect (so you feel betterfor longer), but it also plays havoc with some antidepressants. Check your medications with your doctor or chemist before taking Ceremonial Cacao. Do not take more than 25g at a time.

Studies have shown that a ceremonial grade of cacao can be beneficial to both mother and baby when pregnant. Do not take more than a creative dose (25g) when pregnant or breast feeding.

400g Block - Equivalent to 14 creative doses, 11 yoga doses or 8 ceremonial doses
200g Block - Equivalent to 7 creative doses, 5.5 yoga doses or 4 ceremonial doses
100g Block - Equivalent to 3.5 creative doses, 3 yoga doses or 2 ceremonial doses