Rolla Drink Bottle 700ml

Use & Care

How to Roll a Rolla...

  • Lay your empty Rolla Bottle down, with the spout open
  • Silicone strap attachment underneath
  • Roll from the base, the tighter you roll the smaller your bottle will become.
  • When rolled, grab the jellyfish and pull the silicone strap under the rolled section
  • Pull the Jellyfish strap end over the lid, silicone strap will separate around the lid
  • Place Jellyfish strap end in the gap where the lid meets the collar
  • Close the spout

That’s it, now you are ready to roll…


Easy Clean

We recommend washing before first use.

  • To wash remove the lid, collar and neck components.
  • For a thorough clean turn your bottle inside out.
  • Dishwasher safe/ remove the metal clip.
  • Silicone can withstand high temps so for a deep cleanse fill it with boiling water and let it sit for a while.


 Replacement Parts

  • Rolla Bottle and all parts come with a lifetime guarantee. If something breaks send Rolla Bottle a pic with your contact deets and they will replace it and your bottle will be always in use.
  • As part of our commitment to sustainability each Rolla Bottle component is sold individually. If you lose a piece you can easily replace it and you’re back in action, you don’t need to throw away your bottle.


 Premium Silicone

  • Rolla Bottles are made from premium food-grade silicone, naturally free from BPA, non-toxic and non-absorbent so your water will always taste fresh.
  • Silicone is resistant to mould and bacteria and it can withstand temps of over 200 degrees C, so no worries about leaving your bottle in the car on a warm day.


Drinking Tips

  1. After you drink from your Rolla let the air come back in, this will allow it to stand upright.
  2. Careful, there's no straw; so make sure you don't squeeze too hard or you may have a mess on your hands.