Past Lives : The Evolution of the Soul - Paul Williamson

-What is it that lies in the depths of our consciousness?-Is it safe to go there?-Will I find memories from far distant times in history?-Are past lives real?-What will these 'memories' tell me about my soul?-Do I have the courage to explore and delve into these hidden unknown experiences that lure me?-If I go there, I may discover things that change me, that give me a different, deeper outlook about my life.

Am I prepared to do that?-What about my fears? I do not want to find out something that I would not like.

Should I listen to my fears?-What if it is all stuff that I make up?-To learn about our past lives is a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Do we step forward or go another way? It is up to us. The path we tread is our choice.