Past Lives For Beginners - Douglas De Long

Past Lives for Beginners

Author: De Long, Douglas

Description: Explore your previous lifetimes, embrace your wondrous past, and recognize that you, as a human soul, are eternal. Past Lives for Beginners is a detailed and approachable introduction to understanding reincarnation and how it impacts your present life. Using fascinating case studies, De Long describes different types of past-life recall experiences and shares favored techniques of meditation and visualization used to gain access to those memories. With guidance on how to connect with spirit guides and religious figures, the book also discusses future lives and how to work toward smooth life transitions. Past Lives for Beginners also includes resources for finding past-life therapists to help you understand your history and forgive past transgressions.


ISBN: 9780738735177

Dimensions: 20.00 and 14.00 cm

Page Count: 240