OC - The Lunar Nomad Oracle - Shaheen Miro

The Lunar Nomad Oracle

cards to unlock your creativity and awaken your intuition

The Lunar Nomad Oracle is dynamic card deck and book that enables users to explore their inner depths looking for clues and prompts to activate their lunar side-their creative intuitive feminine nature.

The book provides a brief introduction to Lenormand cards instructions for how to use the oracle interpretations for reading each of the 43 cards and clear guidance for reading them in a simple 3 card layout as well as the more in depth 9 card layouts. The Lunar Nomad Oracle is designed to awaken your sense of power deepen your sense of wonder and pull you into touch with your creative powerful self.

ISBN: 9781925682526
Format: Card or Card Deck
Number Of Pages: 160
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing