TC - The Living Light Cards - Meg Blackburn Losey

As seen in Touching the Light and The Secret History of Consciousness, the Living Light Symbols have been experienced by enlightened beings for millennia. Each symbol or combination of symbols is a full library of knowledge from the greatest concepts to the smallest of details. Each is, also, an initiation, an ancient key; to open an awakening to the vast knowledge and giftedness that each of us carries locked within us. THE LIVING LIGHT CARDS can be used for personal guidance, initiation, divination and even for re-harmonising the energy fields of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The deck itself consists of 78 full-colour cards with a Major Arcana that can be used specifically for spiritual guidance alone and a Minor Arcana can be used with the Major Arcana for any type of reading you desire. Specific layouts are provided based upon sacred geometry principals as well as layouts to be used for healing. Included are 78 full-colour cards and an 88-page guide book. The cards are 3" wide x 5" high and are of excellent quality for long term use.