Journeys Through The Akashic Records - Shelley A. Kaehr

Journey into the divine depths of the Akashic Records and access your unique soul information with this groundbreaking guide. Packed with hands-on exercisesincluding journaling, past-life healing, psychic protection, and meeting otherworldly guidesthis book empowers you to find meaningful answers to your life's questions. The Akashic Records consist of all thoughts, deeds, and actions that have ever been created in the past, present, or future. Since her near-death experience in 2000, Shelley A. Kaehr has accessed this cosmic storehouse frequently, and now she shares her expertise along with historical examples, client stories, insights from famous seers, and strategies for directly access the Records. This phenomenal book helps you heal past-life issues, reveal your soul purpose, and enjoy greater awareness and peace.