Book - Henna Magic- Philippa Faulks

Description: Henna has been used for centuries by cultures around the world for mystical, medicinal and decorative purposes - and its allure continues to enchant millions of people today. Henna Magic is the first book to explore the magical uses of this natural, non-permanent form of body art. Learn about henna's fascinating history and its traditional uses in various cultures, and discover how to create original henna tattoos that resonate with your spiritual intention. Through easy-to-follow steps, you will learn to mix henna paste, incorporate magical herbs and oils, prepare the skin for application, and create designs to turn every occasion, ritual, and spell into a beautiful expression of power. Also included are design ideas for specific areas of the body, concise explanations of the significance and meanings of symbols and a thorough exploration of magical, planetary, herbal and elemental correspondences to enhance your spiritual practice and spellcraft.