Book - The Heart of Reiki - Dr. Susan Downing Ph.D.

The secret method of inviting happiness." That's how Mikao Usui, who developed and taught Reiki in Japan in the 1920s, described the method we call Reiki. By going deeply into her own combined Reiki and Tibetan Buddhist practice, Susan Downing discovered a way to practice Reiki that transforms the mind and heart and invites love - and true happiness - into one's life. In The Heart of Reiki, she lays her unique practice framework out for you in easy-to follow steps. No matter what your level of Reiki training or spiritual orientation, you, too, can learn to use this practice to survive life's turmoil, invite ever-growing happiness into your life, and share your joy with everyone around you. "Dr. Susan Downing has grasped the essence of Reiki in her enlightening book and this essence is compassion. May this compassion enter and and transform the hearts of all readers."- Frank Arjava Petter, Reiki Author "Susan takes us deeply into what it means to be a fully committed and loving Reiki practitioner. She shows us how to transform ourselves, finding enduring happiness, and bring our love to others - Karen Wise Olander, M.Ed., Reiki Master Teacher "Dr. Downing presents experienced practitioners and newcomers to Reiki an extraordinary way to cultivate a loving heart, to deepen practice, to make every moment and every life they touch an expression of what is most deeply human. This book is a treasure." - Jeffrey Brooks, Dharma Teacher "My focus and concentration when giving Reiki continues to grow with each session. The practice of Reiki has greatly improved my ability to deal with life on a daily basis." - Frederick Olson, Heart of Reiki Practitioner"