Many who suffer with anxiety, depression, and resulting relationship, financial, and health issues don’t attribute these symptoms to past traumatic experiences, assuming that trauma stems only from events such as war, rape, and natural disaster. But trauma can also arise from much more common events, such as illness, loss of a loved one, racism, and the bad news of the day. As Rochelle Calvert shows in this powerful book, the greatest source of healing is all around us: nature, which inherently restores itself in the face of calamity. Dr. Calvert shows readers how to engage with nature to calm and relax the nervous system using the five senses; tune into the somatic wisdom of the body to face lingering trauma and rewire it; and work with painful experiences to transform them and ultimately grow from them in ways that heal not just the individual but the wider world. Proving that it is not merely time that heals, but what one does during that time, Healing with Nature pioneers a path to not just recovery but lifelong resilience.