Book - Gaia Speaks - Pepper Lewis


Gaia Speaks


Sacred Earth Wisdom

Many of us believe the Earth to be sentient or feeling, but we are disconnected from her because we can't understand her vibrations. Gaia teaches us how to be attuned to and learn from the Earth.

Description: This book is like a mystery that unfolds as you read it. More than a collection of pages, you will find that is it one part textbook and one part oracle. You might even wonder if it is biographical or autobiographical in nature, as the coincidental references to your own life will seem almost uncanny. How can that be? Gaia is a living/learning/teaching library of everything that is, was or might be related to the Earth. Because you are Gaian, you are also a part of the great living library that is Gaia; you are a library within Gaia, one whose contents are a collection of ever unfolding experiences. You are a lifetimes-old master storyteller, unraveling each tantalizing chapter. That is why you cannot help but find yourself within these pages.



ISBN: 9781891824487
Format: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 393