Elemental Powers For Witches - Frater Barrabbas

What was once only available to ceremonial magicians can now be yours with this tremendous guide to advanced elemental energy work. Frater Barrabbas shares element-based rituals designed with the modern Witch in mind, helping you harness the power of fire, air, water, earth, and spirit. Designed to integrate certain ceremonial magic techniques and spirits into witchcraft, this book helps you enhance your practice while staying true to your primary tradition of the Craft.

Elemental Powers for Witches shows you how to turn potential into realized goals, and it empowers you to work through difficulties and adversity using a variety of methods. You'll discover the energy model of magic, learn how to use the tarot as a book of shadows, and explore the qualified powers. Frater Barrabbas also guides you in sigil work, spirit conjuring, and more, allowing you to reach greater heights of magic.