Drum Making Ceremony

What is a Shamanic Medicine Drum?

The Shamanic Medicine Drum is one of the oldest traditional tools used to assist healing, transformation and celebration. Traditionally crafted in ceremony using raw natural materials, these drums have a wooden frame, animal hide and are weaved together with sinu, often artificial sinu is used in modern times.
The Shamanic Drum has been long realised as a powerful ally to the Healer/Shaman, it replicates the first beat we as humans hear and guides us into a place of journeying within by changing the brain wave frequencies in our mind. It shifts and clears energy while sharing the medicine of the specific hide.

What is Shamanic Drum Ceremony?

Ceremony allows the time to drop into the space of the medicine we are working with, honouring and acknowledging in gratitude the divine gifts we have received and the medicine they have to share. It is a space that we together can travel through our  process in vulnerability and connection. Ceremony brings together community with collective focused intentions and provides an energetically safe space to journey into ourselves.

Why make a drum with Dancing Earth Ceremonies?

We are not just crafting a drum, we are honouring traditional methods holding 2 1/2 days of ceremony, under the guidance of grandmother spider we weave the sacred magic of the Inupiat traditions. The Sacred Hoop Of Life weaves Herself into the medicine drum as we are intertwined in Grandmother Spiders Collective threads and collectively contributing to the Great Dream.
Privileged to learn the teachings of Grey Wolf's weave, passed down through Peter Bowden with blessings, Kevin Rain now carries this sacred traditional practice of drum weaving to share with each of you. Working with the Medicine Wheel we weave our intentions into a powerful medicine ally. 
The medicine drums we make are of extremely high quality and are weaved together without a single knot, each string holding meaning to the sacred Inupiat tradition. Together without a single knot, each string holding meaning to the sacred Inupiat tradition. Together we connect as family in sacred space, share meals and take the time necessary to connect with the process on a deep level, harmonising our intentions into the drum. 

What’s included in our drum ceremonies?

- 2 ½ days of ceremony

*Friday evening, we open space, choose our hide and prepare it for crafting

*Saturday crafting drum

*Sunday craft beater, drum etiquette, closing ceremony

- all materials to craft a 15inch or 18-inch drum and beater

- choice of goat, kangaroo or deer hide

- lunch and afternoon tea both Saturday and Sunday

- tea and coffee

- sacred teachings passed down from Inupiat traditions

- basic teachings on drumbeats for healing, music and journeying

- sacred individual drum blessing to activate you new medicine ally

What to bring

  • Something sacred to place on the alter (crystal, ring, photo etc)

  • Water bottle

  • Pen & paper

  • Comfortable clothes

  • A positive attitude of love, connection and creation

Where: Shamanic Rain Lifestyle Centre
When:24th to 26th November
Time: Friday - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday - 8.30am to 7pm
Sunday – 8.30 to 4pm
Exchange:$900 (inclusive of deposit)
$300 deposit to secure your place
2.5 days all-inclusive ceremony


For more details, please contact the shamanic rain lifestyle centre on (03)87464008 or 0429042332.