Dedicant, Devotee, Priest - Stephanie Woodfield

This book shows you how to cultivate specific types of relationship with deity that go beyond just calling on the gods when you need them for magic or personal support. Stephanie Woodfield teaches you how veneration and worship can be the very core of a Pagan practice, and that no matter what level of devotion or dedication you pursue, it's okay to let go of the idea that you must strive for higher levels.

Dedicant, Devotee, Priest expertly guides you through three distinct paths: devotion--which often means having an altar, giving offerings, and cultivating a relationship; dedication--a more formalized agreement or oath to serve a particular deity for a length of time; and priesthood--facilitating others' relationship with the deity in addition to tending your own. While many assume that priesthood is the highest level everyone should aspire to, this book shows that each type of deity relationship is equally as valid as any other and there are personal benefits for these practices no matter which type is appropriate for you and your gods.

Within these pages, you will find down-to-earth explanations of what deities are, what it means to venerate a deity, and simple tips for several devotional practices that you can pursue. You will also learn about oaths, offerings, and vows as well as how to know when a god is trying to get your attention. In the section on priesthood, you will explore how to serve deities and your community in addition to hands-on tips for oracular work and managing ego. Each section provides a full ritual to help ground you in the level of devotion and commitment that enriches your spirit and sets the tone for the relationships with deity that you desire.