CD - Not The Cooking Show raw food DVD - Paul Benhaim

Get yourself a copy of Australia's best and most popular raw food video direct from Paul Benhaim - the star of the vegetarian rawfood recipe delight 'NOT the cooking show'

There is NO cooking

Rawfood Cuisine is regarded as one of the most chic and desirable dietary trends among movie stars, super-human athletes, enlightened gurus and evangelistic vegetarians.

Rawfood Cuisine is not just about eating your fruits and vegies, but finding new, creative and delicious ways of receiving the benefits of pure, natural and organic foods high in enzymes, minerals and nutrients. Besides providing a delicious and invigorating diet, you can expect many benefits from eating raw, including:

  • rapid weight-loss
  • increased physical vitality
  • greater mental capacity
  • balanced emotions
  • vibrant and beautiful skin
  • stronger immune system
  • more longevity and youthfulness
  • spiritual peace of mind

Be inspired by acknowledged Raw Food expert and chef Paul Benhaim as you are taken on an entertaining, informative journey from the garden to the kitchen where you will learn to create mouth-watering dishes such as:

  • Yum Thai Curry
  • Blue Almond-Berry Smoothie
  • Broccoli-Crunch Salad
  • Hearty Beetroot Soup
  • Sweet Macadamia Pie
  • Easy Lunchtime Recipes

Join Paul on the lush sub-tropical east coast of Australia as he visits an organic blueberry farm, shops for ingredients in natural food and produce stores and tours a commercial permaculture garden. In addition, Paul interviews well-known Australian doctors and researchers (Dr John Fielder, Sapoty Brook, Greg Neville) about the FACTS of Raw Food Cuisine, and provides a Resource Directory including complete recipes for ongoing reference. You'll be amazed how diverse, easy to prepare and good for you Raw Foods can be!

Raw and Alive!

From Thai Curry to Macadamia Pie - raw foods come to a kitchen in your home.

Raw Food Cuisine is regarded as one of the most chic and desirable dietary trends among movie stars, super-human athletes, enlightened gurus and evangelistic vegetarians.

Supposed benefits include rapid weight-loss, increased physical vitality, greater mental capacity, balanced emotional disposition, vibrant and beautiful skin, stronger immune system and spiritual peace of mind.

Haven't we had enough of diets and new food fads? How long do they last? Well, apparently this one is the oldest of them all- originating way before we invented fire.

Can you smell a roast or fried foods when walking through your local forest? If cooking is so good, then how come insects and animals, which have lived for so much longer than we have, have not chosen to cook their foods? Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Alicia Stevenson are some of today's celebrities who agree Raw Living Foods not only suit their busy lifestyle but provide all the elements for beauty and longevity that we all long for.

ìIf it's raw it contains all the living enzymes, the total mineral content and live nutrition that is destroyed by cooking,î states

Paul Benhaim, author of Living Food Recipes and presenter of Not The Cooking Show .

But rather than bore us with his theories, Paul has recently launched the first hands-on episode in a series planned for TV next year. ìIt's simple, there is no cravings in this diet you get to eat what you like, and lots of it. The only difference being,

you don't cook!

And having watched the first episode (and checked out the numerous extra recipes found on the new DVD), I am convinced that raw foods can be quick, simple and just as delicious. I particularly enjoyed the topping for his Macadamia Pie with the raw dairy-free ice-cream' (I didn't bother with the pie base).

Paul prefers to share the practical side of Raw Foods. The DVD gives all sides of the story- including interviews with a Natural Hygienist Doctor, a scientist and a psychotherapist as well as an in-depth interview with Paul. The evidence is quite conclusive and, unlike much of the medical profession, the crew is not sponsored by hundreds of chemical corporations.