CD: Meditations with Sekhmet and Narasimha

CD: Meditations with Sekhmet and Narasimha

Author: Fairchild, Alana

Description: Sekhmet is a goddess of Egypt and the god Narasimha heralds from India. These ancient lion-headed beings are called upon when gentler forms of the divine cannot overcome negative forces within us or in our world. These wrathful deities are the fierce faces of divine love. They assume forms that are greater than any evil so that they can subdue it. They offer supreme spiritual protection as they stand up to and eliminate negative forces and their influence. These are the ferocious warriors of the divine, in feminine and masculine form, that protect our soul and clear the way for us to manifest our light.


ISBN: 794504720327

Dimensions: 14.2 and 12.5 cm

Publish Date: 15/08/2018