CD: Ison Pain Management System Let Go Of Pain & Anxiety (1 CD)

CD: Ison Pain Management System – Let Go Of Pain (1 CD)

Genesis of the Ison Method? ?In 198, I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk and in terrible pain, I drew upon my experience as a musician and meditation teacher to explore how I could use breath, meditation, and sound to heal and free myself from pain. To my doctor?s amazement, I quickly made a full recovery. Wanting to share my experience with others, I refined what I had discovered and created a new kind of music, and I also developed a new way of using music, which I call The Ison Method?. Interested in my work, The National Institutes of Health funded a three-year study that demonstrated my music?s ability to elicit the ‘relaxation response’ and to reduce pain and anxiety. Since that time the NIH has used this music with more than half a million of their patients with great results.? ?David Ison New Hope for Release of Pain and Anxiety If you suffer with physical pain, you know that feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, and anger can make your situation seem intolerable. David Ison created the Ison Method? based on clinically proven techniques and his personal healing experience to help you let go of these negative emotions and find a place of balance and calm inside. David will introduce you to the principles of releasing pain and anxiety, then lead you through a guided meditation to help you relax and let go of negative emotions.