"You and I, and the Earth, are moving towards higher states of awareness. When listening tothese meditations we urge you to listen with your heart. Go within, for it is within the sacred spaceof your soul that you shall discover a great peace. Beyond your thoughts there is a tranquilocean of light – this is the light of your soul, your true and immortal self.

When you calm the mind you enter aplace beyond thought; a state that wordscannot describe and your mind cannot contain.These meditations will help you rediscover thereal you. All you need to do is relax and becomeaware of your breath. Breathe in light, breathe out love;this is meditation – this is connection to soul.

Angels may appear to you during your meditation. If they do,remember that the angels are your bridge between the spiritualand physical worlds. They want you to know that you are safe andgreatly loved and they will guide you through pathways of lightto higher realms of awareness and love. When listening to these meditations we urge you to relax yourthoughts and listen with your heart. These meditations are intendedto help you re-connect with your true essence, your timeless andimmortal soul."