CD - Connecting Kids with their Inner Potential - Sharon Turton

‘Connecting Kids’ offers you practical tools – interactive stories, activities and meditations to help you nurture a deep loving connection with your child that withstands modern day parental stress.

The six stories on the CD are based on 'The Journey' by Brandon Bays. These stories acknowledge and resolve real issues and children feel deeply reassured. They are then able to deal with them healthily, should a similar experience crop up in the futur

Meditations: 1. Love - Snuggle up on a cloud 2. Trust - The magical flying carpet 3. Self-esteem - The wise lion 4. Kindness - The sharing tree 5. Stillness - Deep in the ocean 6. Connection - One little drop

Stories: 1. Love - Fluffy dies 2. Trust - Danielle's new school 3. Self-esteem - Ben and the teacher 4. Kindness - Danielle and the bully 5. Stillness - Ben has another accident 6. Connection - Danielle and Ben are bickering again