CD: Café Mantra Music 3 Light - Café Mantra

LIGHT is a tranquil blend of gentle chanting, flowing melodies and soulful flute solos drifting over peaceful hypnotic rhythms.   Created especially for yoga practice or to play in the background for relaxation, LIGHT features 2 long continuous tracks paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate). This constant, hypnotic tempo easily and naturally soothes your mind and nervous system, bringing you into deep peace.

The main mantra featured in this CD is the Gayatri Mantra. It is a prayer of praise that awakens our vital energies and gives liberation from suffering. Just as the sun shines its nourishing light upon us, so too does this mantra shine within to bring greater wisdom and mental clarity to our everyday lives. When listening to or singing along with this CD, the soothing ancient sounds activate your divine inner light, opening your heart to receive.

Track 1 Song for Surya (50mins)

Track 2 Inner Light Mantra Meditation (18mins)

Track 1 ‘Song of Light’ features the soothing ancient sounds of the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri Mantra has been sung by the sages of India for thousands of years and is known for its power to awaken us and bring liberation from suffering. In Sanskrit Gaya means vital energies and trayate means to preserve, protect and liberate. This mantra is a heartfelt appeal to the supreme being for enlightenment. It’s a prayer that says “May the warmth and loving light inspire and guide our minds and open our hearts”

‘Song of Light’ also sings the names of Surya Narayana (The Sun God). The energy of the sun is deeply nourishing and brings wisdom, strength and vitality to all life. ‘Song of Light’ calls in the loving power of Surya and Gayatri with bija (seed) mantras Om Bhur Buvah Swaha.

Track 2 Inner Light Meditation features 108 repetitions of the bija mantra Om Bhur Buvah Swaha. A bija mantra is a seed syllable that contains a potent essence of spiritual energy. This seed is planted in our being when chanting or listening with loving attention, awakening us to receive pure divine light.