Cacao - Living Koko Head & Heart Assorted

Head and Heart Drinking Cacao is made from 100% cacao, no additives, no preservatives.  Just organic cacao fruit.  We fermented the cacao beans for 7days and then sun dried them for 1-2 weeks.  We then roasted the cacao and grinded for 24hrs. Once the cacao paste has cured we grate to make it easier for you to use.  Head and Heart Drinking Cacao is ceremonial grade.

How do you use this product?

Place two tablespoons into hot water or mylk/milk, add a sweetener if that is your need.  Head and Heart is ceremonial grade drinking cacao.  You can use this product to help support stillness or it can be your drink on the go to help keep you centered and grounded.

You can also add Head and Heart to your smoothies to give it a chocolatey richness.  And to your chilli’s to bring out a depth of flavour. 

Drinking Cacao Recipe

Make one cup of Rose Tea (use consciously grown rose tea 

In a pot, on low head place the rose petal tea, add 2 table spoons of Head and heart and a pinch of Himalayan Salt

Stir together, let it melt - (don’t let it boil)

Pour into your favourite cup. (Very important) & enjoy.

“One day we will learn that the heart can never be totally right if the head is totally wrong.  Only through the bringing together of head and heart intelligence and goodness-shall we rise to a fulfilment of our true nature.” - Martin Luther King