OC - Buddha Wisdom Divine Masculine - Sofan Chan

This beautiful gift set of 40 Divine Truth cards is inspired by the sacred text of ‘Dhammapada Sutra’, which is widely known as the words of Buddha. With the energy of the divine masculine throughout these cards, The Ultimate Truth of Wisdom provides you with powerful tools to illuminate all darkness and free the limitations of the reasoning mind.

Upon the path of truth, these Buddha Wisdom cards will have you feel at ease with your soul as you gain the highest spiritual inspirations in resolving difficult problems in your life.

Simply choose a card and allow the profound Truth on the card to free you from the entanglement of the mind and provide you with the divine revelation • Buddhism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world, it is the fastest growing religion in • Australia, many people are interested in Buddhism and see it as a way of life, not a religion