Book - The Five Levels of Attachment- Ruiz don Miguel

The Five Levels of Attachment

Author: Ruiz Jr., don Miguel

Description: This is a book that picks up where The Four Agreements left off. Building on the principles found in his father's bestselling book, Ruiz, Jr. explores the ways in which we attach ourselves inappropriately to beliefs and the world. Ruiz explores the five levels of attachment that cause suffering in our lives. The levels are: . Authentic Self . Preference . Identification . Internalization . Fanaticism Accessible and practical, Ruiz's exploration invites us to look at our own lives and see how an unhealthy level of attachment can keep us trapped in a psychological and spiritual fog. He then invites us to reclaim our true freedom by cultivating awareness, detaching, and discover our true selves. "Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., my first son, belongs to a new generation of artists (Toltecs) that are transforming the way of life of our beloved humanity." -don Miguel Ruiz


ISBN: 9781938289453

Dimensions: 17.5 and 12.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2015

Page Count: 176