Book - Starbright Meditations for Children - Garth Maureen


Description: Starbright: Meditations for Children [1991] and Moonbeam: A Book on Meditations for Children [1993] have established themselves as favorites for many years as introductive meditative books for children. More recently, The Wishing Star [2004] and Meditations for Kids by Kids [2006] have followed a similar pattern. Their aim is to encourage relaxation and visualization in children as young as 3 years old. The main technique employed is to engage the child in the story being read to them. As the story unfolds specific images are centered on and the child encouraged to imagine and internalize the unfolding sequence. Introducing young children to these simple techniques is thought to help them sleep, aids concentration, stimulates creativity, and develops skills to quiet themselves. Also, these abilities will carry through into later childhood [seven to eight] as an increased ability to concentrate, and to center themselves more effectively at the task at hand.