Book - Palmistry Revealed - Paul Fenton Smith

Palmistry Revealed

Author: Fenton-Smith, Paul

Description: A guide to reading the map of your life. The ancient secrets of palmistry are finally accessible. This book contains captivating photographs with descriptive real life examples from almost 40 years of hand analysis. Paul Fenton-Smith o ers a clear, uncomplicated guide for people who want to discover what their future holds. Each person’s hands are unique. They reveal future opportunities and indicate how past choices infl uenced life directions. These exclusive maps imprinted on our palms can help us identify paths towards suitable and meaningful work, good health and happy friendships. They also indicate what types of partners are compatible for fulfi lling love relationships. Personal insight is valuable for a successful life.

Publisher: Academy of Psychic Sciences

ISBN: 9780980717969

Publish Date: 7/12/2017

Page Count: 328