Book - Empowering your Indigo Child - W & E Dosick

Author: Dosick, Wayne & Dosick, Ellen

Description: Back in the early 1980s, psychic Nancy Ann Tappe coined the term 'indigo children' in her book "Understanding Your Life Through Colour" to describe the many children then being born with 'indigo', or higher consciousness, auras. The idea was later popularized by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in their 1998 book "The Indigo Children". Everyone who works with indigos seems to agree that more and more of them are being born each year. By some estimates 80 per cent of all children born today are indigos. These are highly creative, high-energy, and perceptive kids who often don't fit in.They seem to have an awareness that is light years beyond what most of us remember as childhood. The Dosicks call them 'children of spirit'. What sets this book apart from other books on indigos is that it approaches the issues facing indigos on a spiritual-energetic rather than purely cognitive level, and it is prescriptive, teaching a specially developed set of games that can help heal indigo children both in their own bodies and in their earthly relationships.