Book - Cunningham's Guide To Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality

Cunningham's Guide To Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality


Description: Formerly titled: Hawaiian Magic and Spirituality. This is third edition of an established classic, a book is about Hawaii the Land, the People, and their Deities and Spirits; about the Culture, about Mana, about the religious Hula Dance by men and women, about the Training and work of the Kahuna; and about nature of Hawaiian Magic and Sorcery, their unique practices of Divination, about Omens and Taboos, and about Spirit Possession. This book also corrects the many false myths about Hawaiian Spirituality and replaces them with a wealth of psychological and spiritual knowledge of universal application. Simply because Hawaii existed in isolation from the rest of the world until only a few hundred years ago, its traditions have survived unadulterated by the political machinations of European religion and can be absorbed without reference to the scholastic twists and turns of authoritarian theologies. You learn the reality of Mana, that universal living energy basic not only to magical practice but to all the practices of healing, divination, dream interpretation, and successful fishing! You can be fascinated by stories of the Little People, the secret powers of plants and stones, of colors, ghosts, and Night Marchers, those restless spirits of the long dead chiefs and warriors.