Book - Ask Mother Nature - Ellen Vande Visse


Description: Ask Mother Nature could just as easily have been entitled Consulting with Nature for Dummies! As you step into Vande Visses garden and immediately encounter the onslaught of root fly, eel worms, slugs and spider mites; be haunted by the idea that you can come to a deal with these pests by talking to them rather than waging chemical warfare on them.How do you contact a slug? Is it crazy to consult a root fly? It is one thing to read that the authors of The Findhorn Garden Story could create working partnerships with Devas and Nature Spirits, and quite another to know where to begin. Chuckle at Vande Visses awkward attempts to plead for crop mercy. Then see for yourself what surprising advice the pests, soil and vegetables offer and what continual miracles happen when humans co-create with the angelic realms.Welcome to a strategy in which we humans can find our way back into a proper relationship with nature, each other, and all creation.WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK SPECIAL? Ask Mother Nature is a unique combination: it is both a spiritual development manual and a gardening guide.The narrative challenges spiritual seekers to actually live, apply and demonstrate a conscious life by directly communicating with nature. At the same time, the book invites gardeners to bring the angelic dimension of co-creation into their green thumb work.' Speak with us before you cut, say the spirits of trees and shrubs. Ask us to help you make compost, the Nature Spirits chime in. Set aside your horticultural dogma and ask us directly, challenge the Devas of soils, plants, and pests. Apply the Findhorn and Perelandra Garden approach. Just how does one do this? This is what  Ask Mother Nature uniquely provides: A plentiful supply of earthy examples. Entertaining first-person stories spell out the steps necessary to garden in conscious cooperation with the joyful spirits of nature. A simplicity of communicating. Readers develop self-confidence as they realise that the strategy is easy and fun. One need not be highly psychic or even good at meditation. The Devic perspective. Reading how Nature Intelligences voice their viewpoint is both surprising and touching.