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Cherie Frances Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium Readings

1 hour per session



Cherie will read and assess your energy and then connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones who are in Spirit form to communicate messages and guidance to you. Often Cherie will see Spirits and animals standing near you or present in the room. Cherie also remotely views loved ones and pets who are still alive. This gives a perspective on the inner workings of relationship dynamics and energies. Clairvoyance is Cherie's dominant ability however uses all clair-senses during readings. Cherie is also a qualified counsellor and focuses on the topics you need clarity around. Your empowerment and verification with her as a medium is her priority so you feel resolved and clear about what has been covered.


Active Reading

1 hour per session



An active reading involves energy clearing in various forms with Angels, working with the chakras and protection to actively change your personal state. This is done in a seated position with Cherie standing behind but may move around you as required. Energetic forms of auric and personal protection will be formed. This differs from a healing as there is a dialogue and Spirit communication  which includes information and guidance. After an active reading a "shift" in energy and beneficial physical sensations can be felt. 



Other Services:


Holistic Counselling 

1 hour per session 



Cherie is a qualified counsellor and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling. If you need support or are working towards goals she can work with you to create healing and clarity. Holistic counselling centers on your Spirituality and retains some elements of a reading. A reading can provide insight but counselling can provide ongoing support. Holistic counselling can help reorientate and resolve commitment to change or create stability in relationships or long term goals.  A counselling session is focused on understanding your perspective to create clarity in navigating your goals and aims to clear objectives and realisations.



Private Psychic Development:

Learn Psychic Mediumship by connecting with your Guide


Meet your "Main Guide" in a guided psychic development session with Cherie where she intensively works with you and with your energy to create a connection with your guide and understand the way your strengths work with psychic connection. It is highly advised to continue practising what is learnt in this session. Protection, blocks and other forms of energy are worked with to improve your connection and ability to connect consciously with your guide and loved ones. This is aimed at providing you with the tools and understanding to allow you to continue to work with Spirit independently to meet with your guide in your own free time and receive guidance and support. This is what underpins the ability to perform Mediumship with Spirits who have crossed over from this life and can be verified with those still living, who knew them. 


Cherie has held a weekly Psychic Development Circle for several years in-person, which is now held online since covid lockdowns. More information on events hosted and the circle, please contact 0422 468 594 or visit