March 24, 2021

Kevin hikes through Colca Canyon in Peru for five days and brews San Pedro that he finds in the mountain

This was the hardest hike Kevin has ever done, many times he wanted to give up, it took everything he had and more to keep pushing through his journey. Watch as he shares with us the raw struggle and emotions of pushing beyond your limits.

With 25kg of things in his backpack Kevin Treks up and down mountains with only the water and food he has in his backpack, many times he has to use his abilities to find water and food whilst also getting lost in his journey, in midst of his journey he decides to brew and take san pedro which creates a whole new challenge for him.

"Colca Canyon is definitely less straightforward than for many of our other favourite hikes in Peru. Not only are there at least half a dozen variants to the route which differ in duration, difficulty and drama, but the transport connections from Arequipa to the several start-points are not terribly straightforward, the myriad of different tour types can be misleading if you choose not to do it independently, and multiday hikers will have to carry (pretty much) everything with them on the trail." - "Along Dusty Roads"

This journey was about healing the Root Chakra

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