We are so much more!

We are so much more!

You are so much more….

Many sit in the delusion that they are all they can be, the delusion that fear and emotion control reality or that a system designed to restrict your potential, actually has the ability to do so.

The delusion that our power sits in the reality outside of ourselves, that those around us can manipulate our state of been, for too long we have lived powerless under a system that cares only for business, yes, each of us, 1 more dollar to add to the millions continually needed to fund greed.

Materialistic obsession has become the focus of a society, the illusion that a TV allows us to experience our lives, but from the comfort of our couches we have entrenched ourselves in further delusion, we believe in those we see on TV, we believe in those we aspire to be like, we believe in the rules and regulations around us and yet, we do not believe in ourselves.

There was never a system that controlled anyone, simple truth, is a system that controls is designed only buy those been controlled. We often choose to live in fear, as opposed to overcome it, this system we designed allowed us to be in the comfort of avoiding our fears, we have ran from ourselves, ran from working with our emotional body and buried our true experience in a delusion we have called life.

We are so much more.

Fear is the opportunity we embrace to overcome that which holds us back from the infinite, we created this world to push ourselves to our potential, to unlock the truth of our limitless nature.

New systems are designed by new awareness, our ability to reflect upon ourselves creates a magical opportunity for change.

We are not the system we have defined ourselves under, we are not the limited beings we have allowed ourselves to think we are, we are not the fear we have lived our lives to avoid and we are not controlled by anyone we chose to give our power too.

We are creators, each of us a God within ourselves, a limitless potential to expand, create and experience. Together we are the creators of all that is, we are the old world that now becomes the new world. We are our hope, we are change and we are the one thing we never thought we were, we are free!

No more need for fear, now we can believe in ourselves, now we remember our truth. And now we become all we were destined to be

Be compassionate, be honest, be humble, be unconditional love, and be, all that you can be.

Kevin Rain

Lily Rain

Lily is the co-founder of Shamanic Rain, She is a Healer of many modality's and she is Dreadlock artist.

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