Everything is energy, simply vibrating at a different frequency, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the physical body are all energy contained within the energetic field of your body vibrating at different frequencies. Negative emotions or thoughts as an example; vibrate with a denser lower vibration, affecting the entire energy field by lowering its overall frequency. Emotions such as joy or happy thoughts have a higher frequency and can therefore have a positive effect on the whole energy field. Sound is vibration and has the ability to move and manipulate the energies within your field. 

Sound healing has been used for generations and continues to have great effect today, sound healing practitioners use a variety of different instruments to provide different vibrations while administrating their own energy through intention to heal, simply allowing the energy to move into your field can transform your entire being.

Sounds and instruments can vary between practitioner, with each offing a different effect, didgeridoo’s, drums, music bowls, rattles, bells and vocals are examples of the many instruments used to create vibration. These sounds facilitate an altered state of consciousness and allow the participant to travel upon their own journey or relax and allow the body to regenerate and release.

Shamanic sound healing

Kevin has utilised sound to heal for many years, his instruments include the didgeridoo, shamanic medicine drum, crystal singing bowl, rattles, as well as other odd pieces. Kevin has been trained to feel and provide the right geometric vibration for your energy field, leading to a unique experience for each individual. 

Lie down and relax as the vibrations of these unique sounds carry you on your personal journey, weather relaxing, travelling or healing you will really enjoy this 1 hour session. Energy exchange is $100.

Book through the Shamanic Rain Healing Centre.

Shamanic Energy Sound Healing

Come and heal your soul through the power of vibration and sound, in this 1 hour healing you will have your energy cleared, blockages removed, massive shifts of energy, and your energy aligned.  Allow this experience to move though you with love and change.

Many different sounds and instruments used to re-balance your being.

Energy exchange of $100 for 1 hr. With Lily Rain.



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