OC - Saltwater Reading Cards - Laura Bowen

Aboriginal Australia has had a deep relationship with the waters surrounding the island continent over thousands of years. This saltwater is home to many unique plants and animals.This beautiful set of 36 cards will introduce you to the ancient wisdom that is the very spirit of Australia. Readers will have the opportunity to discover valuable insights into their personal lives.

The spirits of Saltwater will share their knowledge through this wonderful set of revealing messages from the sea. The detailed explanations and interpretations throughout the accompanying booklet will guide your understanding and offer ways to work with these wisdoms in your life.This deck draws on the essence of the saltwater environment, its movement and behaviors The artwork is unique, colourful and not directed towards any one market...it appeals to a diverse audience and range of age groups both here in Australia and overseas.Appeals to anyone who has an appreciation for Dot art, Australian wildlife and Aboriginal spirituality.