OC - Five Agreements Game

IC: Five Agreements Game Deck

Author: Clerc, Olivier and Kucharz, Marc and Morgan, Brandt

Description: A Chivalry of Relationships. Use the power of the Five Agreements to transform your life - to become completely happy and free. The Five Agreements can transform your life by replacing the thousands of self-limiting beliefs that ruin your relationships with yourself, others and life itself. In the book that comes with this game, Olivier Clerc introduces the Toltec way as an authentic "chivalry" of relationships, allowing us to establish impeccable relationships with both others and ourselves. Simply playing this game will lead you to use the five simple yet efficient agreements to fully accept yourself and others. Thus you will acquire self-mastery in three major steps. Game box contains: an 80-page paperback, an 8-page game rules booklet, a notepad for each player to write notes, 25 Relationship cards, 5 Agreement cards to be used as reminders, 25 Prize cards and 25 bonus gift Agreement cards.


ISBN: 9781844096176

Dimensions: 19.4 and 13.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2014

Page Count: 40 cards, 80pp Guidebook