journal leather- swan lake

The inspiration for this journal came from the story, The Swan Lake, which was written by the German author, Johann Karl August Musaus, in 1875.

The artwork is our original artwork and was done by one of our team members at GrassLanders.  

This book is a piece of art and only a LIMITED NUMBER will be made (30)

 Each journal is handpainted using 13 different colors, 

Size 8x6 inches (A5 size)

Steps to make it were as follows:

-> The patterns were first embossed on the leather and then each piece was hand-painted to bring the pattern to life.
(Only 3 out of every 10 survive, as even a little error ruins the look of this product.)

-> Thick full-grain leather, lined with black satin cloth, was used. 

-> The paper is then handstitched here in Melbourne itself when you place your order.